Judith L. Davids

Professional counselor, spiritual director, retreat leader, ordained Vineyard minister, European missionary, spouse, mother, and grandmother, Judy Davids is a devoted follower of Jesus who is passionate about spiritual formation and developing healthy rhythms of pause, pray, and play. She has taught counseling at St. Stephen’s University and co-taught spiritual formation at Houston Baptist University with her husband, Peter. She was co-pastor with her husband at Austin Avenue Chapel and was on staff at the Sugar Land Vineyard, raising up a lay-counseling and support group ministry. She created and first directed the Pastors’ Sabbath Retreats for the American Vineyards and later initiated these in Canada and Hong Kong. She experienced burn out in midlife and spent the next year recovering and learning the lessons of Pause, Pray, and Play.

Pause, Pray, and Play

by Judith L. Davids

Who is this book for? It is for the weary disciple coming to the end of his rope and wanting to do more than simply tie a knot and hang on. It is for the young disciple not wanting to end up burned out and disillusioned. It is for the worn out disciple looking for a way back. It is for the retreat leader looking for a spiritual toolbox. It is for the spiritual leader desiring to create a family or church culture marked by sanity and sacredness. Pause, Pray, and Play is written by a spiritual leader who burned out and found God in her brokenness. Judy's journey to wholeness and the lessons learned along the way has helped hundreds of others do the same. I am one of these.
— Charles Bello, author of Prayer as a Place

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