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From the Sanctuary to the Streets: Insights and Adventures in Power Evangelism

by Charles Bello and Brian Blount

Paperback: $15.00 + S&H
E-book (.mobi or .epub): $9.99

You can read this book for the stories and have a wonderful time, sometimes laughing and sometimes crying, or you can read this book for its down-to-earth practical combination of classical Christian spirituality and (literally) hands-on evangelism based on an understanding of the New Testament that (strangely) expects it to work. The stories then become encouragement and examples to go and do likewise. I recommend the latter type of reading; but if you do the other type, do not be surprised if you get drawn in to the teaching. A delightful, practical book I am happy to recommend.

Dr. Peter H. Davids
Professor of Biblical Theology at St. Stephen's University
Author of A Commentary on the Epistle of James, The First Epistle of Peter, and 2 Peter and Jude

From the Sanctuary to the Streets is a great resource and "must read" for everyone - individuals and churches - who are interested in engaging in power evangelism. The authors emphasize not only what God wants to do through us, but also the work He is doing in us, as we step out in faith to partner with Him in His mission and ministry. Weaving Scripture, story and insights gleaned from personal experience, the authors present a compelling account of how we, as followers of Jesus, can walk in both His words and works in our everyday lives. From the Sanctuary to the Streets will challenge you to take the ministry of Jesus with you wherever you go.

Jack Moraine
Sr. Pastor of Vineyard Community Church, Gilbert, AZ
Author of Healing Ministry: A Training Manual for Believers

There has been a great deal of interest in "outreach, prophetic evangelism, treasure hunts" and whatever else is an appropriate way to describe evangelism. What there hasn't been is this thorough study on the entire spectrum. I love Brian's revivalist heart and Charles' compassion and teaching gift. Together they have given us inspiration and a good body of practice for how to move out of the church into our world with good news and a demonstration of the kingdom's power. This is a fun read and very practical. I could see this as required reading for some of the many emerging schools and for those who just need a little push to get out there share the love of Christ.

Denny Cline
Senior Leader, Jesus Pursuit Church

Charles and Brian have been working with the Vineyard churches in Europe for more than a decade, teaching ordinary people how to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit. This is a thrilling book built on truth and experience. It is a good mix of honesty and encouragement as Charles and Brian attempt to walk in that place of hearing the call to discipleship and doing the ministry modeled by Jesus in the Gospels.

Martin Buehlman
Church planter
National Director of Vineyard Churches in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

We have known Charles and Brian for many years. They are not only anointed to do power ministry, but they are specially gifted to equip us average Christians to do the ministry of Jesus. Their down-to-earth, and very practical, teaching has helped prepare hundreds of our missionaries to prophesy, heal the sick, and drive out demons. We especially love their honesty about the natural questions that arise as we so often experience the "now, but the not yet" of the kingdom of God. Their personal stories will inspire you and give you faith to take the RISK and step out to see what God will do through you!

John and Jamie Zumwalt
Authors of Passion for the Heart of God and Simple Obsession
Founders of Heart of God Ministries missionary training agency

I believe that this book represents a call to all churches. The church is facing challenging times and, more than anything else, we need to hear the words of Jesus showing us how to navigate through these challenges. I believe the title of this book represents what Jesus is saying to the church today. In an honest and open way, Charles and Brian share their journey and what they have learned as they responded to Jesus' call. Their stories are an invitation to all of us to embark on this journey ourselves. Learning from their practical wisdom will help us all. I felt inspired and challenged by their stories.

Dr. Richard Clinton
Senior Pastor, The Springs Vineyard
Co-author of Unlocking Your Giftedness and Starting Well
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