Reckless Mercy

Reckless Mercy

by Carl Tuttle

Carl Tuttle has been a recipient of God’s lavish love. In Reckless Mercy, Carl shares his story of experiencing God’s ceaseless mercies through his journey of international acclaim, public downfall, and eventual restoration. As an integral leader in the birthing of the Vineyard Movement, Carl shares unique insights into the movement as well as its founder, John Wimber, a personal mentor and dear friend to Carl. In his characteristically disarming style, Carl shares the heartaches and humors of his story and takes the reader on a journey of exploring the unending and reckless mercies of God.


Wow! Carl Tuttle's new book is a vulnerable, real, raw picture of his life. I loved it. Through his vulnerability, he actively engages us, the readers, in the lessons he learned through various parts of his own spiritual and human journey, as well as what happened behind a historical church movement, the Vineyard. This insight could have only come from an insider like himself. I loved hearing from his vantage point and experiencing his honesty in telling readers who he was. Carl shares his sometimes traumatic backstory without making excuses about the choices he made as a result. This made me want to really dig into the overall message of what he has given us in this work.

Whether you have heard of the Vineyard Movement before or you are just a student of Christian life process, this book will take you to a place that few authors dare to share. Carl exhibited a level of self-awareness and openness that I am so proud of him for instilling in this book! Reckless Mercy will help you grow as a person and take risks as a Christian while maybe even finding your own healing process in this story.

Shawn Bolz
Author of Translating God, God Secrets, and Growing Up With God

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