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School of Kingdom Ministry Manual

by Putty Putman

This workbook is an excellent resource on the kingdom of God, power ministry, and our identities and inheritance as sons and daughters of God. It is the primary resource for the School of Kingdom Ministry based out of the Vineyard Church of Central Illinois; however, the workbook is a tremendous equipping tool for anyone who seeks to be activated in kingdom ministry. A great asset for individuals, small groups, ministry schools, and churches interested in learning more about and growing in healing, prophecy, power evangelism, and identity, this manual offers sound biblical and theological understanding coupled with practical activations and ministry tools.

The School of Kingdom Ministry exists to empower and equip everyday believers to live a naturally supernatural lifestyle. We believe that everybody gets to play and so everybody should be trained. The School of Kingdom Ministry is designed to be a training experience that any church can host and participate in by taking our working training system and customizing it to fit the vision and ministries of any church. We’re building a worldwide network of churches dedicated to teaching and training the students to understand and access the kingdom of God. The School of Kingdom Ministry Manual is the student’s guide to the School of Kingdom Ministry experience. This book contains the reading notes for the first year program and a section specifically covering developing various ministry skills.

"An awesome playbook on how to equip the saints for ministry" ~ Robby Dawkins

Putty Putman is a gifted communicator with a powerful message of identity. Putty was pursuing a doctoral degree in theoretical physics at University of Illinois when God thrust him headfirst into the supernatural. After a dramatic supernatural encounter in China, Putty began to gather and train people in power ministry and pursuing an intimate relationship with God. What began with four people as a small group grew to multiple groups, then the first campus of the School of Kingdom Ministry, and now multiple locations around the world.

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