Coaching Saints Publishing

Equipping Believers, Coaching Disciples, Resourcing Churches

Coaching Saints is a startup publishing company. We launched our business with our first publication being From the Sanctuary to the Streets. We have now published three other books by different authors, and we have more projects in the works. We also carry books from a sister company, HGM Publishing.

Coaching Saints Publishing emphasizes resources that 1) help people deepen their personal relationship with God resulting in transformation; 2) and equips Christians to continue the ministry of Christ in the world.

The word "saint" is used in the Bible to describe ordinary Christians. But it has used by the historical church to identify people who have left a positive mark on the world by both walking in extraordinary holiness and spirit-empowered ministry. Coaching Saints Publishing aims at helping people move towards personal transformation and intentional missional service. The books we publish must fall within these fairly narrow parameters.

For those wanting to be published through us, a number of criteria must be met: they must be willing to let their manuscripts go through the editorial process as well as be approved by at least one of theologians we trust and have relationship with.

We can provide help for those wanting to publish. We work with a number of talented free-lance ghostwriters and editors that can help the writer create and develop their book projects. We will also help the author develop a personal strategy for getting their book into people's hands. For more information on how to "get published" contact us.

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