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Reckless Mercy

by Carl Tuttle

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Wow! Carl Tuttle's new book is a vulnerable, real, raw picture of his life. I loved it. Through his vulnerability, he actively engages us, the readers, in the lessons he learned through various parts of his own spiritual and human journey, as well as what happened behind a historical church movement, the Vineyard. This insight could have only come from an insider like himself. I loved hearing from his vantage point and experiencing his honesty in telling readers who he was. Carl shares his sometimes traumatic backstory without making excuses about the choices he made as a result. This made me want to really dig into the overall message of what he has given us in this work.

Whether you have heard of the Vineyard Movement before or you are just a student of Christian life process, this book will take you to a place that few authors dare to share. Carl exhibited a level of self-awareness and openness that I am so proud of him for instilling in this book! Reckless Mercy will help you grow as a person and take risks as a Christian while maybe even finding your own healing process in this story.

Shawn Bolz
Author of Translating God, God Secrets, and Growing Up With God

I could not put this book down. It has everything! It’s heartbreakingly honest, vulnerable, funny, and full of wisdom and insight, just like Carl. I loved it. Reckless Mercy includes timeless gems of teaching written in a humble, accessible way. I want every broken person to read this and find hope. I want everyone who seeks to bring God's love to broken people to read this and discover the sheer kindness of grace. In other words, I want everyone to read this!

Mike Pilavachi
Co-founder of Soul Survivor, UK

Reckless Mercy is the heart-wrenching, hope-giving story of the Vineyard Movement's favorite prodigal son. My second favorite thing about this book is that Carl owns his own stuff. He pulls no punches about his own brokenness. There is not an ounce of pretense or blame shifting in the man. I love that about him. He has taught me so much about authenticity and genuine repentance. But that’s only my second favorite thing about the book.

My favorite thing is that Carl doesn’t glorify authenticity, like so many in our day. He glorifies the redeeming power of mercy that compels us on from brokenness to wholeness. I’ve seen this at work in Carl’s life in the indisputable restoration of relationships, calling, and legacy. Having a front row seat to the unfolding of Carl's story has been one of God's greatest gifts to me as a pastor. It has persuaded me afresh that the gospel really works. And that’s why Reckless Mercy is a must-read, not just for Vineyard folk, but for every soul in need of gospel hope, prodigal or not.

Alan Frow
Lead Pastor of Southlands Church, Brea, CA

Reckless Mercy is a book by my friend, Carl Tuttle, that will show you how God's kindness stretches far beyond anything we can understand naturally. Through Carl's story, you will see how God never stops pursuing us and His callings are never-ending.

Robby Dawkins
Author, international conference speaker, and equipper

Get ready for a journey. Carl Tuttle’s account of a fifty-year pilgrimage is authentic, sad, invigorating, and, most of all, a signpost to the great love of God. Reading it made me think of an old Robert Redford movie, Jeremiah Johnson. At the end of a long season in a mountainous, challenging, and dangerous region, an old mountain man asked the younger upstart, “Well pilgrim, was it worth the trouble?” to which Johnson responded, “Huh, what trouble?” Tuttle’s journey with John Wimber, the Vineyard, and his family will make you chuckle and cry at the same time. I think I know the answer to, “Well Carl, was it worth the trouble?”

Phil Strout
National Director of Vineyard USA

Reading Reckless Mercy provides the reader an insider's perspective of how John Wimber mentored leaders, in particular, one leader—Carl Tuttle. John’s methods were not perfect, but they did challenge and empower a whole generation of Jesus followers to become committed disciples who “did the stuff that Jesus did.” This book is engaging, informative, humorous, and heartbreaking all at the same time. In the end, the book is a story about redemption. Reckless Mercy is not just something we receive from God; it is something we can give to each other.

Charles Bello
Author of Prayer as a Place, church planter, and pastor

All great leaders walk with a limp. The Holy Spirit birthed a worldwide church movement called the Vineyard. Read the most poignant story by one of the founders and limping leaders of that movement. Reckless Mercy is a tale of the pressures of leadership that can generate failure and brokenness. It is also the most amazing record of God’s redemption and mercy in response.

Dr. Jason Clark
Senior and Founding Pastor of Sutton Vineyard Church and Doctor of Ministry Program Lead Mentor at Portland Seminary

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